Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Cheetah Barrette

I had been wanting to get crafty lately and I stumbled upon this while doing what else but scouring the pages of Pinterest. What did I do before that website, I mean honestly? Anyways, I needed to jazz up my usual hair routine and since I have been on a bun kick lately, I thought these dressed up combs would be just the ticket. They were inexpensive, super quick and easy, and can be completely customized. And just in time for the holidays, you can make these for friends as an easy DIY gift to fit everyone's tastes.
Here is what you will need:
Set of hair combs, found at most drugstores (I used these)
Fabric scraps about 15-20'' in length
Super Glue (if necessary)

Cut the fabric into about 1/2'' strips. I just used some spare fabric I had lying around but ribbon would also work. Tie a secure knot between the first two prongs of the comb, covering the corner. Take the fabric and wind it in between each tooth of the comb and then back through, covering the exposed plastic. You can use an additional piece of fabric or ribbon and give your comb an added dimension. Instead of going back with the same fabric, tie the 2nd piece of fabric to the opposite end of the comb and go back through with that fabric. Secure with another knot and a drop of glue for extra hold.

The great thing about these is the ability to match them to just about any outfit. Casual, fancy, parties galore, the list goes on. A thin rope of beads would add some shine for the holidays or some sequence threaded on a string for New Year's Eve for a touch of sparkle. And the best part is...those wispy hairs that seem to always escape an up-do can be easily tucked away. Party on you party animals!


  1. so cute and i love your polish color! :)

    1. The color is left over from my manicure, thanks!

  2. Those barrettes are to die for!! They totally spice up your bun and make it eye catching. I obviously need to get crafty myself and whip some of these up :)