Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Staple of Fall

There are a few things I do every year that bring home a time or place for me and when the weather starts to get cooler and the trees start to go bare, it is without fail that I get a craving for a caramel apple. And not those prepackaged guys at the grocery store, no. I am talking about the real deal. I am talking homemade, hand-dipped. With melty caramel and peanuts on the outside, tastes that come together for that perfect sweet and tangy combo when you bite into the apple.

While I was strolling through the square this past Sunday, wouldn't you know it? I passed a sign saying old fashioned caramel apples this way. I think we all know which way I was going. I should have known my favorite little popcorn shop would have this seasonal delight so I popped in and ordered a caramel apple with nuts and enjoyed that beauty all by myself outside in the sun for a perfect fall afternoon.

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