Friday, October 26, 2012

High Five for Friday

[My new boots and latest obsession]
[The best canoli I have ever eaten was a strawberry and chocolate canoli from Mike's in Boston. I have been craving this goodness lately]
[I have a pair of these festive candles that have helped get my apartment into the Halloween spirit]
[Potentailly the best find ever on the half off rack at Michael's. He is so cool, I might be keeping him up year-round]
[My new mini blender-that's-actually-a-cup that I have used daily for smoothies all week that cost $9 at Target... I KNOW!]
It is very glum outside today. And work felt dark and dreary since the sun did not decide to make one single appearance today but then I came home and saw that sa-weet bedazzled skull and I snuck a couple of my mini Take 5 bars and ta-da, life is good. I am throwing a Halloween party tomorrow so tonight I have decided to cozy up in my PJ's, do a little reading and get some solid rest so I can prep, prep, prep tomorrow. I have a playlist to make, some snacks to bake and a bit of cleaning and decorating left on the agenda. But that is a to-do list that I am more than willing to tackle and I am very excited to get dressed up and see everyone's costumes. And oh! I totally ducked out at lunch and found my viking helmet! Hazaah! It is tiny and potentially made for a child but it fits beautifully and is the last piece of the puzzle.

Happy Halloween weekend everyone!


  1. Love those boots ! And that skull is perfect home decor !
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  2. Hey there! Stopping by from H54F. Love the boots and your halloween costumes from years past...especially Rosie the Riveter. Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks so much! And thanks for coming by!