Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do you Have the Time?

Sweater and Pants: Gap Watch and Glasses: The Loft

My mom always asks for our Christmas lists way in advance so she can "get everything done by Thanksgiving." Which, by the way, has never happened. But this year is actually one of the earliest times I have ever started to craft my list. Only here's the thing: I have already purchased one thing on my list and am already contemplating another. The watch above is the already purchased item. I really bought it on my mom's behalf, fully intending to have her wrap it and put it under the tree but then it was just sitting in its cute box on my coffee table, sadly crying that it was not being shown off and worn, and whining about how he would be shut in that box for almost 3 more months. I mean, how could I ignore all that sadness? I have a heart people! So to sooth the lonely watch, I took him out of his box and placed him in his rightful place, my wrist. I'll just have to turn in a revised copy of my list...


  1. i just bought my first ever semi- expensive watch and am in love with it! im telling ya, when i dont have it on i always look at my wrist to check the time. its amazing how for over 30 years i have never worn a watch and when i finally bought one i can't not wear it now.
    yours is very cute- merry christmas to you early! :)
    im a new follower- found you on the WIWW hop.
    come by and visit me sometime.

    1. Oh I know! I have barely had mine and I am already becoming obsessed. Glad I am not alone!

      Thanks for stopping by, loved your mini pumpkin pie post. Should be great for the fall season!

  2. I am the exact same way with gifts. I start shopping for someone else and then all of sudden, I have claimed their gift and have to go out and buy another one. I found you at The Pleated Poppy link up. I'm very happy to be your newest follower and hope we can keep in touch!


    1. Thanks so much! Love your blog too! Looking forward to checking back often.