Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

This is a corner of my living room. I have barely moved from this space all week, coming home after work and continuing to punch away at my keyboard all evening, each night. This is what the corner of my living room looks like when the sun is going down.

What I have been loving this week:

Keeping my apartment clean for 5 whole days. I am talking no dishes in the sink, hanging up my clothes right away, even putting my shoes in the closet....who am I?

Getting self serve frozen yogurt with a friend after taste testing way more than necessary.

Jamming to Celine Dion. Full on arm gestures included, obviously.

Having the youngest member of the Weber clan join me for a weekend that will include a baseball game and farmers markets.

Anything and everything Olympics. USA! USA!

Not so much love for:

Looking at my computer for 10+ hours a eyeballs hate me.

Not having time to go to the grocery store and and eating semi-stale tortilla chips for dinner one night. Be jealous.

Jimmy John's not having regular yellow mustard. I knew this to be true but I still can't understand how this is possible. It is a sandwich place! A sandwich place people! And no, Dijon mustard is not an acceptable substitute. There.

Having to boycott the internet so the Olympic results are not ruined for me (I am looking at you twitter. I love you but our relationship has been strained this week).

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