Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Three's Company

This past weekend was a whirlwind! It was my cousin's first time in the city so the weekend was jam packed to give her the true Cincinnati experience. My sister (check her out here) and I took Sarah to the Findlay Market, a public market open year round with everything from chicken and waffles to gelato, followed by a stroll across the Ohio river on the purple people bridge. For dinner, we had massive burgers from Terry's Turf Club where there are neon signs on every surface and peanut shells covering the ground. And to cap off our weekend, we hit the Hyde Park Farmer's market where we shared a maple glazed doughnut sprinkled with bacon and homemade popsicles and then grabbed some caffeine from The Coffee Emporium, the most darling coffee shop around. Oh, and lunch at Pompilio's over the border in Kentucky, the Italian restaurant from the movie Rain Man (Remember how many toothpicks? 246 on the floor...and 4 in the box). 

We met some fun people along the way like Jim, the host at Terry's, who was too cute and told us he brought in the cabaret band just for us, or the sweet librarian who gave us a few movie suggestions or the owners of the popcorn store who love Elton John and made us the best shaved ice I have ever had. 

But no matter what city we are in together, we always have a blast. Good thing there are plenty more towns to visit because we took Cinci by storm!

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